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I can read short pieces of text including timetables, bills, menus and road signs.
I can read and comment on newspaper articles and books.
I can write 5 sentences on a single topic.
I can write for a range of formal situations.
I can use a phone to leave a message, find out information, and ask for directions.
I can give a talk or presentation to a group or team.
I can work out sums with figures up to 100.
I can calculate my weekly budget and work out what proportion is spent on bills.
I can recognise patterns in shapes, numbers and sounds.
I understand the difference between 2D and 3D objects and the difference between area and volume.
I can calculate the volume and area and make a scale drawing of the room I'm in.
I can understand graphs and charts in opinion polls.
I can represent my weekly budget as a pie or bar chart.
I can estimate and then work out things like the cost of my weekly shop, my weekly commute times, or the distance to familiar places.
I can solve problems such as calculating the exact number of tiles needed to tile a wall and the total cost.
I can solve simple everyday problems using algebra.
Personal Finances
I use my understanding of the social welfare, taxation and banking systems and economy to manage my personal finances.
I use technology for learning, work and/or personal interests.
I can use a mobile phone, a digital camera or MP3 Player to record information and share it with others using social media websites.
I can use a computer to find information on the Internet.
I can safely use a computer to produce, save and share files on my computer and on the Internet for personal and/or work purposes.
I can keep in touch with people using email, instant messaging and social networking sites.
Personal Development
I can list examples of impetuous, considered and passive decisions that I have made.
I regularly use different decision making and interpersonal skills when dealing with family or work problems.
I know what my short and long term goals are in the areas of learning and personal development.
I can plan and implement an activity for a group of people.
I can search for information about, travel to and take part in a cultural or sporting event.
I am able to speak up for myself and let other people know what's important and of interest to me.
Employability Skills
I can write my own c.v. and prepare for a job interview.
I have participated in a fire drill and understand the health and safety rules at my work.
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