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Get a qualification
You can get a national qualification using this site. The qualification is a Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) award. There are 12 awards available at QQI Level 2 and 14 awards available at QQI Level 3. Level 3 is similar to the Junior Certificate in Ireland. You can also study at Level 1 and Level 4 but we do not have qualifications at these levels.
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Learner Feedback
“I got all the certs I needed on my own. All I’m doing is refreshing. I never got any qualifications from school”
“I went back for my job and for my kids. They are in primary school and they use computers and I want to be able to give them a hand”
“I have been dipping in and out of it for a year or more. I have done it myself and I feel great”
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Help Videos
Guide to Lessons
This video shows you where to find your lessons and how to start learning. It describes how you move through a lesson and can change a lesson’s topic. It explains what the icons in each lesson mean and do. It also shows you how to log out safely.
WriteOn Features
This video shows you how to use the Chat Function, the Portfolio, the Skills Checker, and the Forum. It explains how you can check your results and switch from one level to another and find useful features such as news, games, reading texts, and other learning resources.
Guide to Levels
This video explains which subjects are available at levels 1 to 4 on writeon, how each level works and which levels offer major and minor awards. It also shows you how you can switch easily from one level to another.
Getting Awards at
Levels 2 and 3
This video tells you which activities you need to complete to get an award on writeon and how you can repeat the assessment if you’re not successful the first time. The video also shows you how you can apply for an award once you’ve passed.
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4,400 learners have received over 26,000 minor awards at Levels 2 and 3.
Write On has 79288 learners.